Feeling Luck Punks? Hollywood’s Hard Men

Whether it is playing or a ’goodie’ or baddie’ audiences seem to love a hard man. The alpha male who struts through a city righting injustices or crushing anyone who stands in their way. What is it about these men that makes them tough and why do audiences keep buying their tickets for a cinema experience of scowling looks and knuckles to cheek connections? Some actors have made playing the tough guy a career choice and honed it down to a fine art. Here is a look at some of Hollywood’s finest brooding muscle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Th Austrian turned American had such an intimidating presence he was cast as the most diabolical robot killer. Dressed in leather and usually hauling an oversized gun for his requirements Schwarzenegger scared the world with his Terminator films and his ability to play a lifeless being was scary in its accuracy. After a short stint in politics he has returned in many more film showing off his hard man nature often playing on his age and maturity. In life Arnie has a reputation for all things big whether it is muscle or his cars, often seen driving around California in his Humvee. Arnie very much likes these imposing aspects of his life and it only helps to perpetuate his persona as Hollywood’s most eminent hard man.

Clint Eastwood

The Northern Californian native has one of the most famous lines of any hard man in his Dirty Harry films. “Do you feel lucky punk?” is enough to scare an audience at the same time they squirm over how cool it simply was. Eastwood could even play a hard man even when he didn’t speak like his blonde character in the spaghetti westerns. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a masterpiece in silent intimidation. More recently age has not even been able to stop him being ‘hard’ as he puts an Asian gang to shame in Gran Torino playing a dying veteran. This guy has some serious credentials.

Sylvester Stallone

When you think of the type of characters that attract the alpha male, you might think loner, military or sportsman. Well Sylvester Stallone has done it all, and more impressively for many of those characters, he wrote them! Stallone has a gift for impactful words as well as impactful violence. His Rocky films are littered with famous quotes. As Rambo Stallone was iconic in the action scene becoming one of the most famous action franchises of all time. His characters like to offload lots of bullets but let’s not forget the quiet intimidation of silent Rambo in First Blood. Stallone is arguably the king of action and is the first in mind when one thinks of the American ideal of a hard man.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may think of himself as a serious actor but for many of us he is the fighting traveller in Snatch, Ed Norton’s menace in fight club and Nazi destroyer of Inglorious Basterds. Pitt is a Hollywood hunk first and foremost but that does not mean he can play the tough guy too, with the right make up. Oh and let’s not forget his fighting skill were what attracted Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Although I hear it is not going so well at the time of writing.

The art of charcoal pencil drawing

The bustling night market in downtown Chiang Mai ranks amongst Thailand’s star attractions drawing huge crowds of holidaymakers year-round.

The Night Bazaar enjoys an ideal location within walking distance of luxury hotels, beautiful temples, budget accommodation, nightlife, shops and numerous restaurants.

The market has an outdoor section as well as a covered area. Outside visitors will find countless stands with vendors selling a wide range of goods including sunglasses, watches, t-shirts, computer games, DVDs, fragrances, bags, suitcases, jewellery, wallets and sportswear.

Additionally, Thailand’s most popular shopping place also houses some of Asia’s finest charcoal pencil artists. The covered section is home to many portrait art galleries where you can observe skilful portraitists transforming photographs into brilliant black and white charcoal portrait sketches. Dogs, celebrities, rock stars, children and relatives are just some of the customers’ favoured objects.

Few tourists exploring Chiang Mai, which is often called “Rose of the North”, will not leave this historical provincial capital without having purchased a lifelike, personalized charcoal pencil portrait.

Those unfortunate visitors having forgotten to buy such an everlasting artwork still have the option ordering commissioned pencil drawings online at very affordable rates.

Those interested buying quality custom portrait art online should e-mail their most special photo to one of the long-established, professional and reliable drawing services.

It is recommended to commission your charcoal portrait sketch through e-mail instead of using an impersonal online order system. Make also sure to first check out some of the supplier’s recent work and if the prices are reasonable. The better portrait art ateliers will offer safe online payments through PayPal.

In general, completing charcoal artworks will take less than 10 working days. Most customers won’t see the difference between their photograph and the completed charcoal pencil sketch!

Benefits Of Using Online Photo Printing

Taking photographs and keeping them as memories is a long-time practice over the years. There are various means of keeping these photos nowadays and these methods are not just confined on the traditional photo albums and frames. Digital photo printing has paved the way to a lot of possibilities apart from these traditional means that still exist today.

Furthermore, the availability of the internet as a convenient venue for transforming your photographs into works of art is a great addition to the modern way of printing photos. You will find numerous online photo printing services that offer a myriad of options to cater every person’s needs.

Going for a printing service is not difficult, even if you’re a newbie. A lot of these online shops and sites have simple, user-friendly interfaces or dashboards for their customers to use by themselves. Uploading your digital photo images is simple and easy to do, and you just have to follow the instructions on a step-by-step manner. (Check pictureXXL website for more digital photo printing.)

Saving a few bucks is also one of the benefits you can get from online photo printing. If you have hundreds of photos to print, you don’t have to think of price per piece anymore because there are shops that offer bulk pricing or discounts for a certain quantity. You may also come across a ‘sale’ or an exclusive discount for members of the online shop.

Printing packages are also the fad these days because this gives the online shop the chance to offer their ‘slow sellers’ together with their ‘hot offers’. You will find a myriad of promos when it comes to photo printing online, so it’s best to check them out and see if they can satisfy your preferences.

Probably the best thing about using online photo printing services is the fast turn-around. Thanks to technology, the process of printing images is faster than the processes of yesteryears. Even if you choose a huge canvas print for your hallway at home, you won’t need weeks for it to finish. Larger prints may take a few days, but, the entire process is quick and efficient as it is done online. (More about photo printing at pictureXXL website.)

For those who have computer printers at home, there are ink cartridges especially made for printing photographs. You may have thought of printing at home before, but may not get the right results if do you do this. First off, the ink can be very pricey. And if you’re not planning to use the printer every day, it will be such a waste of money to leave it unused. What’s more, the ink will dry up if you will not use it often.

Lastly, many of those who love DIY will surely enjoy printing their own photos, albums, invitations, and artwork. You can all do it by yourself at the comfort of your home or office. Just think about the many ways you can print your favorite shots and images, minus the expensive fees and materials.

Printing has gone from the dark room and on the web. This is best way to go if you are tired of fewer options and long waiting times.

Experience A Newcomer Will Have Inside the Recording Studio.

Recording studios are the perfect place if you need to record an album or lay down a track for any CD. Performing for friends in your own home is very different than singing in a professional recording studio. There are some things to know before you go in the studio. Any skilled recording artist understands how to give their very best performance inside the studio.

One of the things you should have is a really good ear. You need to focus on your pitch and sound inside the studio because it will sound a lot different to you than when you sing to yourself in the car or in the shower. You use different mics and headsets that will allow you to hear yourself in an entirely different way. Recording in a studio might take some getting used to unless your familiar with the process. Ensure the producer or engineer you are working with is patient so you can get the proper vocals and pitch down for the demo. Being too close to the microphone will effect the sound you hear. Backing up from the microphone a bit could help when your perhaps hearing your ‘p’s” popping as well as your “s’s” hissing.

You should act professional and courteous when you go to recording studios. Be prepared to go and make sure you show on time. In case someone would want to hear your music, be sure to carry a CD of your respective music around with you. You never know who could be hanging out in a recording studio and if you’ve got something they are able to take with them, that’s always a good thing. If you are a beginner to the business, don’t concern yourself with being inexperienced. While in the studio your producer and engineer will be able to assist you to feel comfortable.

Take a look at several recording studios before selecting where to record. The studio who’s got great sound quality and recording done in a professional manner will need to be found. Ask what kinds of sound and recording equipment they use and ask to listen to some recent recordings. High quality and clear sound should be found on the recording itself. If it sounds like they recorded in a closet, you might want to locate somewhere else to record your demo.

Ask other artists you know or network with musicians when looking for a recording studio for your own benefit, where they had theirs done. You can always ask to hear their personal demo CD. You might like to compare it with professional, top quality CDs. If you like what you hear, you might want to give that particular recording studio a call. Delivering a high quality product along with reasonable pricing are very important factors to consider. The better your CD sounds, the more inclined agents and talent scouts will be to listen to it.

Making your demo in a recording studio can make all the difference in how you sound. If you are seriously interested in becoming a vocalist or music performer, check out some recording studios that can help you make a great demo.

Photographs that displays emotions not just poses!

Besides knowing the technical details of the camera, photographers today need to understand the various emotions they try to capture that bring the picture to life. Nowadays, newly weds do not like pictures that are mere poses. They prefer pictures that display the love, joy and happiness that they both are feeling. And to click pictures such as the aforementioned, the photographer needs to have passion and understanding of human emotions that can be displayed through various moves.

Lilo photo design is one such place where you can land up while surfing romantic wedding pictures on the internet. Lilo is an award winner photographer and is also a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer. If you are looking for a photographers in Victoria BC, then it is worthy to note that you check Lilo photo design and then take your final decision. Lilo works with passion and closely understands the chemistry between the two newly weds. He capture moments that somehow tells a story and displays a journey of their bonding.

Wedding photography is cherished through out one’s life, therefore it is imperative that you choose a photographer in which you have full faith and have seen and evaluated his work. It is highly advisable that when the time comes to choose your wedding photographer, you should do some research on your part and see various photographers’ work to understand the style of photography of each photographer. To make your process easy, if you are looking for a wedding photographers in Victoria BC, then Lilo Photo Design could be in your final selection. Lilo has clicked many newly weds and understand the emotions close to his heart. Not only wedding, Lilo is also an expert in corporate commercials and portraits. Understanding the landscape is one of his core strengths. His portraits capture moments that are priceless. Weather it a new baby or a newly wed, Lilo does his job just perfectly. The pictures leave you speechless and full of emotions. The color and tone of the picture help to showcase a journey.

When one grows old and looks back at his/her life, wedding comes up as one of the big landmarks of life. Make sure when you look at your wedding photo album down the years, it still manages to bring a twinkle in the eye. Lilo photo design promises to deliver just that.

Backing Tracks For Musicians

If you have played in a band or with other musicians you will know that there is no better buzz than when you play a song as a group and it just comes together and sounds just as good as the original.

However, most singers and musicians will tell you that this comes at a price, as to be able to experience this musical high, you have to find musicians to make up your band, which is far easier said than done, when you take into account that ideally you have to live reasonably close to each other, like the same music, be at a similar skill level, and of course be able to get on together.

Sounds easy enough, but if you live in a remote area, where there is not an abundance of musicians, this can become a mammoth task which will often lead to frustration and disappointment.

If you can’t find musicians in your area and still want the sound and feel of playing with other musicians you could consider using a backing track as there are many to be found on the internet nowadays.
There are literally thousands of jam tracks as they are known that are basically chord progressions of music repeated over and over so that you can practice improvising your guitar solo’s too.

Whilst these are great practice aids to help with your improvisation skills, when learning a new song it can be very beneficial to practice playing along to a backing track of that song before you meet up with the band for live rehearsals, or to just play along to if you are not in a band.

A great form of backing track to play along to is one which includes vocals, as many available online do not give this option and you find yourself having to sing along in your head so that you don’t loose your place in the song, not so good if you can’t sing and want to truly focus on your playing.

Try using a backing track that contains vocals and see how much easier it is to just concentrate on your playing, which will help you to develop your technique and sense of timing, and is much more fun.

Also there are now recordings in a multitrack format which are basically the studio masters of a song and are much like a backing track, but much more versatile as they include every instrument and vocal of the song and can be played in any music editing software, which also then gives you complete control over every element of the song.

For example, if you wanted to learn a particular guitar part, you could simply mute all of the other instruments in the song to isolate the guitar part that you want to learn and then use your music editors functions to slow the guitar track down, or loop a section of it so that it repeats over and over so that you can hear exactly what notes are being played by the guitar.

This particular type of backing track has become very popular with music teachers as the multitracks are so versatile and are ideal for helping to teach guitar, bass, or drums, as you can isolate any instrument and any part of a song enabling you to get a better understanding of how it is played.

If you enjoy playing guitar, bass, or drums, it is certainly worth checking out backing tracks, or a multitrack that gives you the option to have vocals included in the song as it makes the whole experience of playing much more enjoyable.

Great Marketing Tips for Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Over the past 25 years as a wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to speak with well over a thousand engaged couples. I am always surprised by some of the criteria many of them use to choose their wedding photographer. Here are 7 tips I can offer to wedding photographers to help them book a wedding.

1. DON’T CREATE YOUR PORTFOLIO ALBUMS BASED SOLELY ON YOUR “GREATEST HITS.” There is nothing more misleading regarding a photographer’s talent than looking at a sample wedding album that is a compilation of their best shots at 50 different weddings. An album such as this may be useful in understanding just how great an image you are capable of producing, but that’s really all it tells your client. Show albums that display one entire wedding from start to finish. A good wedding photographer should be able to produce a number of complete albums to show the client. Be sure and explain to your client why this is such a better way to assess your skill. Use this to separate yourself from your competitors! Tell your client that virtually anybody with a decent camera can get one great shot per wedding.

2. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS DURING THE SALES PITCH. Every photographer can tell their clients great things about themselves and so they should. But in your initial wedding consultation with the couple, show your interest in what they want by asking questions. Ask them the types of photography styles they are interested in and what they are looking for in a wedding photographer. Don’t make the initial meeting just one long boring lecture about how wonderful you are. Turn it into a 2-way conversation. Show them you care!

3. SHOW THEM YOUR SPARKLING PERSONALITY! This is a biggie. Your clients understand that they will spend the entire day with the photographer. If you can’t get along, it can ruin what should be the happiest day of their lives. The bride and groom are looking for someone they can build rapport with. Be that person!

4. AVOID TALKING ABOUT YOUR EQUIPMENT. Want to put the bride and groom to sleep? Start giving them the technical details about how wonderful your equipment is. Keep in mind that your client is ASSUMING you have great equipment. That is a given to them. Focus on why YOU are the best wedding photographer for them, not why Nikon is better than Canon.

5. KEEP THE PRICING SIMPLE. If your clients can’t understand the pricing or packages, they will probably keep looking. Package pricing, if flexible, is the best way to go. It allows your client to have a better idea of what their final bill will be. Ala carte pricing can confuse and be misleading. You don’t want to surprise the couple when presenting the the final bill. Allow your clients to design their own package, be flexible.

6. TELL THE BRIDE AND GROOM YOU WANT TO SHOOT THEIR WEDDING! Don’t assume they know that. Tell them, it will make them feel wanted.

Ultimate Power Profits Quit Procrastination Guidelines

Are you currently stagnant within your Ultimate Power Profits organization. Who and what you are at this moment in time is nothing but the outcome of one’s constant actions. Exactly the same is accurate for what you might come to be as a person. Being caught up within the destructive habit of procrastinating will only serve to immobilize you and deprive you of a future that may finish up becoming only a dream. Overcoming procrastination has no magic “cure”, but involves of you to certainly create your self and grow in your capacity to take action. Procrastination genuinely is often a unusual behaviour, but is surely there by design as it delivers you with all the important resistance to push against so as to develop your inner strength and “emotional muscle.”

Procrastination is really a contact to action. Avoiding the very tasks that may provide you with the benefits you’re after in Ultimate Power Profits is just not very intelligent. You have got to step up and strengthen your resolve. The easiest option to snap your self into action is by making a choice. Selection could be the father of action and all action flows from decisions. The challenge is that we have been making use of the word selection so loosely that it lost a great deal of it’s correct which means. If you make a real choice, a true commitment, you cut off all the possibilities aside from that which you are totally committed to. Like any other skill you should get better at creating choices by creating more of them and as you develop this capability you’ll get superior at overcoming procrastination until you ultimately create the habit of being decisive.

A truly committed selection will turn your “shoulds” into “musts.” In reality, this crucial distinction separates procrastinators from action minded and decisive achievers. All of us get what we’ve to have and we only get our “shoulds” when it can be handy. By far the most typical reason why people today procrastinate is the fact that they just do not “feel” like carrying out it. When you don’t really feel like doing it, it merely means that you associate far more discomfort to taking action than to staying away from it. As human beings we are to a sizable extent controlled by our emotions and emotions. You will do almost anything to avoid painful emotions and acquire pleasurable emotions. Your beliefs about what will lead to pain or pleasure serves as a reference which will manual you in generating decisions. Changing your limiting beliefs is a strong way for overcoming procrastination. The only reason why you cannot take action is since of your belief(s) about why you can’t.

Beliefs are created as a short reduce for the mind to produce choices promptly. Even when you haven’t got precise experiences your thoughts will make it up according to your beliefs. We all possess a constructed in will need for certainty and our beliefs give us that sense of certainty. One of the most potent beliefs of all are the beliefs you’ve about oneself and your personal skills and capabilities. For those who belief that you simply are a procrastinator and that you just can never follow by way of and create results, then no matter what method or strategy you study or apply, you’ll often be a procrastinator. Your beliefs about your self build your identity and among the strongest have to have within your character is for your actions to be consistent with your identity. Whatever identity you hold will make your reality in Ultimate Power Profits.

Your beliefs are mostly formed unconsciously by life experiences as well as the which means you take from it. You happen to be the master of which means and also the way you communicate your life experiences to your self will identify what things imply to you. The way you speak and communicate with yourself is actually a type of hypnosis and a lot of people give themselves a real challenging time when they screw up. They indulge in negative self talk. That installs disempowering beliefs about their abilities and capabilities. Overcoming procrastination needs of you to take manage of your internal communication. What you say to yourself about oneself as well as your life will sooner or later determine what actions you take.

Folks who’re prosperous in Ultimate Power Profits aren’t lucky or born under the best stars, but are men and women that have learned how to overcome procrastination and take action even when they do not feel like it. Any time you do not really feel like doing it you might be just not in a resourceful emotional state. The quickest approach to adjust this is to modify your mental concentrate; alter your concentration and that which you might be paying attention to. In case you focus on the painful and unpleasant aspects of any job you might sooner or later start out to procrastinate, even if you will be extremely disciplined. Your focus is your knowledge of life. Mastering to control and direct your focus on the pleasurable elements of taking action will empower you to overcome procrastination. Develop the habit of taking the long view; of focussing on the outcome and not the procedure and watch oneself move previous procrastination inside your Ultimate Power Profits business.