My Husband Kept Locking Himself out

My husband kept locking himself out of the house when he would go out to his workshop. He spends hours out there since he does the bulk of his woodworking out there, and I found it funny that he never locks himself out of the shed. He just always has that key with him no matter where he is at, but it was just near impossible to get him to carry the house key too. I finally figured out a solution when I read about a company that provides the service of locks rekeyed in Brisbane.

I had never considered having the same key for both the house and his workshop. It just seemed to me that it should be two separate keys, but then I realized that my husband probably has more money invested in his tools in his workshop than we have inventory in the house. That might seem like an exaggeration, but just one piece of equipment that he has cost half of what we paid for our entire house! Since both need to be kept locked up, it just made sense to have the same key for both of them.

I did not want to go out and buy new locks and have someone install them. I just wanted to have the same key that works on our front door work for his shop door too. The best way to do that was just to have a locksmith come out and rekey the lock on my husband’s shop. It ended up being the least expensive way to do it too. It was an easy process for the locksmith, and it was completed almost as soon as it was started. Now, my husband does not get locked out of the house anymore, and that is a relief to both of us!